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Vesak Day

May 5, 2023 is the day called Vesak Day, Buddha’s birthday.

623 BC (2500 years ago)

It is said that the full moon day in May (April 8th in the lunar calendar) on that day.

Vesak Day is also the date of Buddha’s enlightenment.

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Buddha’s teaching

The Buddha’s teachings of tolerance, compassion, and goodwill leave many messages needed in this age of conflict.

And now, it is attracting attention all over the world.

Mindfulness, which is said to be effective for mental troubles, also has its origins in Buddhism.

I would like to mention four representative teachings.



You cannot control the world and life as you wish.

It’s important to focus on what you can control = “yourself”.



All things change, nothing stays the same forever.



All things influence each other, and nothing is independent as an individual.



Let go of worldly desires* and reach the state of enlightenment.

A place of tranquility away from all suffering.

*Worldly desires: obsessions, jealousy, arrogance, etc.

There is a teaching that these ways of thinking can release the pain of living.


lotus flower meaning

You may have seen the lotus flower symbol 🪷 on yoga school leaflets and images related to mindfulness.


Let’s see the reason the lotus flower a symbol of Buddhism.


Lotus flowers bloom in turbid and muddy water such as rice fields and swamps.


It has become a symbol of Buddhism as it grows out of the mud and blooms beautifully.

It is said that the lotus contains the teaching that, no matter what kind of hardships we face in our lives, we should live beautifully without polluting our hearts.


When we do not feel comfortable in difficult situations,

We often blame the environment around us now and the environment in which we grew up.


That’s because it’s easy to think that it’s not your fault.


But that doesn’t solve anything.


Even if the surroundings and the environment in which they grew up are muddy, some people grow out of it.


When I learned the meaning of the lotus flower,

I wanted to become one.


Even if the people around me are complaining,

I won’t complain.


Even if people around me are in a bad mood,

I choose to be in a good mood.


I’d like to live without giving up on my dreams,

even if those around me think I’m wasting my time.


I felt that from the meaning of Buddhism and the lotus flower.



The fact that it has been passed down for 2,500 years shows that it is universally necessary for human beings.


Learning from the teachings of Buddhism the wisdom to release the suffering of living is a practical learning that can be used in everyday life.


In honor of Vesak Day on May 5th,

how about reflecting on the teachings of Buddhism?


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Thank you for reading to the end.

I would appreciate it if you could notice a little bit or a hint.


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– side notes –

I’m thinking of writing in Japanese and English

because I want to spread self-love not only in Japan

but around the world

and I’d like to improve my English.

I’m still not used to English,

so if there are any mistakes,

I’d appreciate it if you could point them out.